1. Feed the working end of the rope between the arms.
      1. Wrap around the horizontal wrap from bottom to top.
        1. It is much easier than going top to bottom.
          1. Arguments can be made for either way. Use what you find to be comfortable and does not cause the rope to pinch.
          2. Feed the rope back between the arms and wrap around the stem locking off.

            A Kannuki Tutorial

            Such a beautiful name for something so simple. The Kannuki is a Japanese term that refers to the rope that cinches the horizontal chest wraps from a Gote Shibari and the Takate Kote. A literal translation of Kannuki would be a latch on a wooden gate that keeps it from opening. In the essence of a box tie, it blocks the rope from slipping over the shoulder creating potential for a dangerous situation with the rope around the neck. This would be disastrous during a suspension.

            Don’t mistake one for a Cinch. It is simply latching the horizontal wraps along the chest, not tightening them down as would be denoted in a Cinch. This would create the loss of blood flow and potentially put additional pressure on the Radial nerve in the upper arm. — Bad Juju. — The Kannuki is not just for box ties, you can also create them with other body parts. When any two limbs come together you have potential, as well as the knees in a bent position and the arms folded at the elbow.