A Double Column Tie Tutorial

      Unlike the single column, the Double Column Tie is for — Surprise! — two columns. Wrist to ankle, wrist to chair, or limb to a support. I’m not even touching the tip of the glacier. You could use this tie by itself, replicated a few times in to a wonderful shibari session with your partner. You will find an almost endless supply of ways to make a two column tie. Way to many for the world of Kinbaku. Fair warning. Don’t spend time researching the best tie for every situation. You should be picking a tie that you find to be ascetic, comfortable, easy to perform, and most of all safe for you and your bunny. If you spend your time reading about all the different two column ties, then you will never master one and spend less time actually performing rope bondage. Shibari is about learning and gaining knowledge. All that time becomes worthless if you don’t actually put it to use. Get out there and find yourself a teacher and just start. The quicker you become more hands on, the better you will become.

      This particular tie comes from Arisue Go. He has a wonderful style and is extremely popular in Japan. It is easy to perform and carries the traditional look that many want in their rope bondage. Arisue’s style of kinbaku look’s like sophisticated form of martial arts that has been passed down for generations. Watching him is seeing a true master of his craft. If you don’t have an emotional response when you see his work, then your blood pumping organ is colder than the surface of Pluto. “To tie is to hug.” comes from Arisue’s experience covering three decades and his thousands of kinbaku sessions that have produced a style that shows the heart of what Kinbaku is. His Kinbakushi is an inspiration to many of the top Nawashi masters around the world.

      I found this particular way of tying a double column tie not be as cumbersome. While other versions of the two column tie have the opposite effect. What I like about this one? It’s simple, safe, and there’s a powerful sense of control. You can take what you learned from the Single Column Tie and apply it to the double column tie as well. When performed correctly, the knot comes out small and can be undone almost as quickly as it was tied. This means when someone needs to come out quickly, you can get their wrists undone without resorting to cutting shears. — Having to cut through hundreds of dollars of rope will make your stomach churn. — This tutorial shows how to tie without having to fumble with a bunch of rope. This will keep you from feeling awkward. Your bunny will notice if you are struggling. — You don’t want to be a small hobbit from middle earth. — Practice with a local professional and become that powerful Dom your sub desires.