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Oct 15 2016

Quickly learning Japanese Bondage step-by-step

Put that sugar filled orange-mango beverage down, brew a batch of dark caffeinated bedazzlement and tune in your plush brain cells for an adventure in Japanese bondage. Whether you're more dense than a granite faced wall or a pliable sphere of flour and water. You have the ability to learn Shibari. — “But it’s hard!” — It's not as complicated as our next presidents IRS tax returns as many are lead to believe. All you need is a couple hanks of twisted rope and a willing partner to join you in this journey. Read More

Mar 15 2016

The basic of Japanese rope bondage theories

The basic of Japanese rope bondage theories

Wanting a reason to brush up on your kanji? — it looks like scribble to me and love pictures! — The master of kinbaku Arisue Go has penned one of the best tutorial books this side of the hemisphere. The gote in this book will cause your box tie to shed tears like a waterfall. — I'm swimming in a lake because of it. — If you're a novice wanting a self-study guide on authentic Japanese rope bondage with access to jute rope and magma pumping through your heart, read further. Read More

Mar 10 2016

The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage

The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage

The mean green beauty queen known as Midori created one of the most influential books in kink culture. Whether you're a tyrannosaurus top looking for prey or a lovable koala bear resting on the bottom, her deep, moving, and thoughtful writings will inspire you. This ground breaking book started the rope bondage literary hurricane we see today. Without Midori, we may have never known how many shades of grey exist. Let's take a peak inside the spine and see what the wonderful world of rope bondage has to offer through the eyes of a modern day sex educator. Read More

Mar 02 2016

Bondage Rope Types

Instead of letting disaster strike and hoping the space time continuum will allow you to travel back in time with Doc Brown, you should learn to select proper cordage. Selecting proper rope is key before going down the slippery slopes of bondage and blindly purchasing shitty silk rope from the local sex shop. With proper cordage in hand, you no longer have to worry about getting a pace maker installed every time you hoist your loved one in to the air. Let's dive deep in to the wonderful world of natural and synthetic rope and decide which is best for you. Read More

Mar 01 2016

Learning suspension bondage to soon

Is your bunny tapping on your shoulder with a hank of fresh jute rope? She is asking the same question as yesterday, "Will you make me fly?" This is always a hard question to answer yourself without peer review. Can you even honestly answer it truthfully? How do you even know if you're giving the right answer? You've been on the fast track of learning suspension bondage. Does that make you an expert? Don't you dare say yes. There is a reason so many people get hurt during suspension bondage. Let's find out if you're ready. Read More

Feb 27 2016

Picking the best rope for bondage

With so many rope vendors to choose from, how do you know if you're getting quality rope? This is the 64 thousand dollar question. Digital market places are popping up all the time and weeding out the disastrous from the established can be a crap shoot. To help you become an Advantage player, I've put together my favorites. Before you spend your hard earned money, consider these vendors. These are individuals that have a passion for their work and a proven track record within the kink community. Read More

Feb 15 2016

A comfortable rope harness

A comfortable rope harness

You can have yourself a happy rope bunny that is flying higher than a sparkling fairy in the summer field or one that is wiggling towards the center of a compost pile like an earthworm wanting a banana peal. Which do you want? — If you said earthworm, leave now and forever hold your peace. — For your evolving skill set, shibari will always having something new for your brain to digest as the variations are endless. Learning which harness to pick adds value to your skill set and will pay dividends for years to come. Your kinkerbell will thank you. Grab your hot cup of lightly sweetened joe and lets dive deep. Read More

Feb 08 2016

Doubling down on your columns

Doubling down on your columns

Do you find that your bunny is not able to stay tied for very long do to discomfort? Adding some strategic areas of mobility will help your partner last longer. Performing a single column is not always the right answer. Knowing when to switch it out while still providing restraint will help your bottom find subspace faster than a shooting star passing through the atmosphere. Discomfort is your enemy and you are the hero. Become the next James Bond and prove to your partner that you deserve the title as their Dominant by learning additional techniques. The bedroom is your playground and knowing what tool to use is half the battle. Read More

Feb 01 2016

Making rope bondage a cinch

Making rope bondage a cinch

You just bought seventeen miles of rope and your bunny is sitting in the corner waiting for the fun to begin. Two days later you have completely mummified your partner with every foot of rope. Standing their proud, towering over your rope-cocoon looking smug, you watch as the wiggling begins. Slowly the wraps start to move. — No, no, no! This is not suppose to be happening! — Wrap after wrap begins to slip. All that hard work deteriorates in a matter of minutes and soon your bunny is free. Why did this happen? Their are more techniques to learn than just wraps and ties. Read More

Jan 25 2016

Tricks for bound hands/arms

Tricks for bound hands/arms

Those wrist cuffs were not enough. Your bunny just escaped in to the wilderness of the a national forest. It’s ok, their tablet sized communication device is always attached to their hip. They’re only a voice dial away. Learning a chest harness will not keep them from running. It will make things more interesting with the number of variations at your finger tips. Having so many to chose from will increase your chances of make mistakes. We learn best from other individuals mistakes. Let these mistakes guide you in your journey. Read More

Jan 18 2016

A simple wrist tie

A simple wrist tie

Every bratty bunny will need some restraint or you can expect their ADHD to get the best of them. — Oh look a shiny!Wrist ties are some of the easiest forms of rope bondage. It could be the only thing you know and it will evolve your kinkiness. — Bed posts are not just for decoration folks. — Their are many types to choose from (single, double, bowline, ect.) and it is up to you to figure out which is best for the situation you’re in. Each wrist tie you learn, is another tool at your immediate disposal and will allow for safer play. Put that plastic wrap away! Let’s view some ties. Read More

Jan 11 2016

Selecting the proper tool

Twisted or braided? Natural or manufactured? Vaginal or Taboo? These are all critically acclaimed questions that will win you an oscar when answered correctly. — Calling DiCaprio. — Rope bondage has its own set of tools that are needed in order to perform well. You won’t finder a wrong answer in any choice but you will find a preferred choice. — Wink wink sexy bunnies. — The type of rope chosen is highly subjective in western rope bondage. Expect pride filled arguments on which is best and why. Hemp is better. No, Jute is better. You’re all correct. Each have a preferred purpose in shibari. It’s up to you decide which will fit your artistic expression. Now let’s discuss what choices we have. Read More

Jan 01 2016

We're Tickled hot orange to Launch!

A sparkling fresh virtual world of ones and zeros is finally lifting is portcullis iron gate to the mysterious kink known as Japanese rope bondage. — Impressing your neighbors with Kinbaku and Shibari since…well…today. — Inside you will see dedication to a craft with deep history in Japanese culture that is more special than fish sauce. — We heart kink! — Skip the language barriers, travel, and expense by watching our free video tutorials. Finish eating your hard pickles and wash up for some fun in the sun. You are in for a kinky delicious treat filled with natural fiber intended to arouse the senses higher than Mount Everest. Hold on two your pole and get ready for a ride. Read More